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Spello’s Infiorate is a manifestation which takes place every year in the small Umbrian town of Spello (Italy) on the occasion of the Corpus Domini feast, on the ninth Sunday after Easter. The Infiorate were, a long time ago, a simple proof of devotion. The faithfuls, on the occasion of Corpus Christi, used to decorate, with flowers and herbs, the path where the procession would pass. In Spello, nowadays, this tradition has reached a sublime technical and artistic level.

Every year the event surpasses itself for commitment, magic, quality and quantity of carpets. All this can happen thanks to the work, the passion and the competition between the groups of “infioratori”.

An added value is that such an ephemeral work as an Infiorata, which lasts only a few hours, involves constant work and commitment throughout the year and, of course, it becomes more and more intense during the months close to the event .

While studying and planning the drawings and creating sketches, starting from February, some flowers, such as marigolds and 
cornflowers, are already planted .

Of course, these appointments of choral work,
do not miss the playful and gastronomic part… people have fun working  on “team” for a common goal, and enjoy eating
healthy and delicious local products.

These job opportunities are several during the
month preceding the Infiorata, it is the time of harvest : “expeditions” in enchanting places such as, for example, Colfiorito , are organized, where, in the long stretches of fields, the spontaneous flowers are collected, always enjoying a snack or a picnic.

Good to know that all these events are not
only for Spello citizens. Who wants to join the group and give his contribution to live a different experience, enjoy the countryside in a simple and authentic way, is welcome.

From this moment on, every activity is livable
and can be shared with the protagonists of this amazing tradition.

After the flower collection phase is the time
of “capatura” in basements , garages , 
especially in the evening after dinner,
instead of being dazed in front of the TV, people meet and separate the colorful petals from the rest of the flower. No part, however, is thrown away, because every shade of color can be useful during the realization of the

Then comes the wonderful ” Flower Night “: the entire city stays up, the streets are lightened up and alleys are full of life.
While people prepare the flowers  in his
structure, arrange the project and the boxes with the petals, and  organize for the supplies that will sustain them during the continuous work throughout the night, swarming along the roads increases incessantly … hundreds, thousands of visitors parade admiring the
work groups , peep to see better, ask about it with curiosity and admiration, while the Infioratori receive compliments, certificates of appreciation, admiration, and incitement to do better.

The crowd grows more and more as the dawn rises … the floral decorations are not yet completed and the work isn’t still done …
sleep and fatigue will not be felt until the floral
display will not be realized, discovered,
admired …

Once the job is done satisfaction is huge …
the choral work, unity of purpose, enjoyment and fatigue, the hardness of the work on the ground and the enormous beauty of creation mean that all this is an experience that will never be forgotten … the regret for the very short duration of the carpet gives way to the conscience that we have participated in
making a gorgeous, unique and, most importantly, unrepeatable piece of art… the
procession with the Bishop , the Carabinieri in uniform, the brotherhoods and
the devotees walk on the carpets, and makes even more scared every gesture and intention.
Benedetta Tintillini
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Benedetta Tintillini
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Benedetta Tintillini
Italy's Expert in Fractional Ownership
Italy's Expert in Fractional Ownership
Italy's Expert in Fractional Ownership
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Welcome to my Ventura Verde online journal, an eclectic and intentionally random exploration of the fascinating but lesser-known cultural wonders of central Italy.

I am the founder and curator of Umbria e Cultura, a web magazine
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Infiorata di Spello
For almost 200 years, the faithful Catholics of the small Umbrian town of Spello have celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi by giving proof of their devotion to Christ with a spectacular infiorata. Originally, the citizens...
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