Italy's Expert in Fractional Ownership
Italy's Expert in Fractional Ownership
Italy's Expert in Fractional Ownership
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your home in Italy
If you are dreaming of owning a vacation home in Italy, Ventura Verde is your new best friend.
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your home in Italy
Ventura Verde’s fractional ownership strategy is the ideal way to sell your Italian vacation home in the worst real estate market in generation.
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your home in Italy
Let’s face it. You love your Italian vacation home, but maintaining it takes so much effort you have hardly have time to enjoy it. 

Ventura Verde offers a wide range of property management and consulting services for owners of Italian vacation properties.

• Rental Marketing:   Owners of upscale Italian vacation rental properties can take advantage of Ventura Verde's professional property marketing services to improve occupancy and profitability.

• Rental Management:   On behalf of property owners, Ventura Verde can assume full responsibility for managing a vacation rental property.

• Architecture & Design:    Ventura Verde provides design, archtitecture, and development services to assist property owners restore or renovate vacation rental properties.